Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Lincoln's "Johnny Jumper"

This past Sunday we decided it was time for Lincoln to get a "jumper" of sorts.  He has really strong little legs and is always trying to "stand up" when you are holding him on your lap.

We hooked up the kind that hangs from a doorway.

I think he likes it!

I think one thing he really likes about it is that it gives him more mobility to look around.

He can twist himself around to look in different directions.

I'm thinking this was a great little investment.

A Month of Firsts

January 2015 has been a big month for Lincoln. 

It all started with him getting his first tooth!  The little thing popped through on the 11th.

Here's the best pick I could get:

Lincoln's second major advancement was that he rolled over by himself!  This event took place on the 15th and no one saw it happen.  Andy and I were fixing dinner while Lincoln was laying on the floor playing with some toys.  The next thing we know Lincoln starts to cry.  So we run over and there his is laying on his tummy instead of his back.

Since then he has rolled over a couple more times.  Both from his back and his tummy.  
What a strong little guy! 

 Last on this list of first is his first experience with "solid" food.  We decided this past weekend to give him a little taste of some rice cereal.

He seemed excited about it at first...

But then became a little confused about the whole thing...

Then he had to think it over...

I think he somewhat enjoyed the rice cereal.  We didn't give him too much, so we'll have to see how he does with larger portions.

Lincoln is just getting so grown up!

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Visit with MamaJo

Last weekend Andy and I headed up to Harrisville to visit the family.
I wanted to visit them before Mom heads down to St. George, and because we didn't really get to visit much during the blessing with everyone there.

I caught some cute pictures of MamaJo with Lincoln and I just had to post them.
MamaJo even got some good giggles out of him!

So glad this little guy is loved so much!

Saturday, January 10, 2015

4 Months Old!

Can you believe that Lincoln is now 4 months old?
He is just getting so big!

He is smiling so much more now.
He love his stuffed whale toy we call Ole Blue, his hanging moose toy we call Morris, and his hanging mouse toy we call Mauricio.

He has also started holding on to things more now.
Things like rattles, teething toys, and his mom's hair.

He is also really close to rolling over.  We are thinking any day now.

What a cute little stink!

Friday, January 9, 2015

Grandma Bird's Memorial Services

This past week we laid Andy's Grandma Bird to rest.
As mentioned previously, she passed away unexpectedly on the 31st of December.

We held a viewing for her on Sunday night.

Courtney was kind enough to set up a wonderful display of some of the many things Grandma had created throughout her lifetime.  We were lucky enough to have a couple of things to add to the display.  Lincoln's blue baby blanket and a little red sweater that has been passed down to him.

The casket was beautiful and surrounded by pink flowers.  Grandma's favorite color.

We had a good turnout of people and we had lots of family there
We all tried to support Grandpa as best we could.

On Monday morning we held the memorial service for Grandma.
There were some wonderful speeches by Glenn and Jon.  It made us extremely happy that Lincoln was mentioned in those speeches.  Grandma just loved our little Linkie.

Katie was also asked to perform a musical number on the piano.  She did a terrific job.

The service was short and sweet.  Just the way Grandma would have wanted it.

After the service we all headed up to Evergreen Cemetery for the graveside ceremony.

Andy was asked to be a pallbearer and he was more than happy to have a part.

Cristy also had the thought of purchasing some flowers for the great-grandkids to place on the casket.

We also made sure to get a big Bird Family picture while we were all together.

After all the services we invited whoever wanted to come to a luncheon down at Jon & Cristy's house.  It turned out well for being thrown together quickly.  I think everyone appreciated having somewhere to go to relax and unwind in a more casual setting.

It was such a shock to us all when Grandma passed.
She will be missed greatly by all of her family.
We are all so lucky to have known this wonderful lady.

Thursday, January 8, 2015

Lincoln Gets Blessed

On Saturday, the 3rd of January, we went ahead and had Lincoln blessed.
We invited our closest family to attend the procedures which we had take place in our home.

The weather was good that day so everyone arrived safely and happy.

It was good to have so much family around to celebrate little Lincoln.

Here is the blessing circle right before they started.  We were so glad that Andy's Grandpa Bird was able to attend and be in the circle.

We asked Jon if he would perform the blessing and he was more than happy to.  He did a wonderful job and blessed Lincoln with many great things.

I also have to comment that Lincoln was VERY good through the whole blessing.  He didn't make a peep.  Just stared up at his Uncle Jon.
He is such a good boy!

 Our happy little family:


We also took a moment to capture this photo of the 4 generations of Birds.  So glad they were all there!
(please also note that Glenn is showing off Lincoln's Batman socks he was blessed in)

It was a great event.  We served up some simple sandwiches with chips and veggies for the food.  It wasn't anything grand, but it fit just right for us.

We are so glad that Lincoln is part of our family!

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Our Cute Boy!

Normally Lincoln doesn't enjoy being put in his carseat.
But on this occasion he was being a happy boy, so I just had to snap a few pictures.

That little smile is just so sweet!

2015 Goals

Alright.  Here come my goals for 2015.  I'm starting to sound like a broken record on some of these.

  • Complete a Blog Book for 2014
  • Lose 65 pounds 
  • Scan in the rest of my hard copy photos 
  • Put together & print more photo books
  • Visit at least one National Park
  • Save money for Christmas
  • Paint the office
  • Pay off the Line of Credit
  • Pay off the Wells credit card
  • Replace our patio furniture
  • Visit the grandparents at least once a month
  • Enjoy my time with Lincoln

2014 Goals Revisited

Here we are in 2015.  Time to look back at those goals set for 2014 and review how well I did.

•  Complete a Blog Book for 2013 - DONE!
•  Lose 15 pounds - FAIL.  This would mainly be due getting pregnant.  Ha ha.
•  Scan in the rest of my hard copy photos  - FAIL.  Again.
•  Finish the galley in Bettie (our TearDrop Trailer)  - Not quite.  But we ended up selling Bettie and getting Rosie.  So maybe that counts?
•  Put together & print more photo books - Mostly.  I assembled at least one more.  I can't remember if I had any printed.
•  Visit at least one National Park - DONE!  Bryce Canyon
•  Save money for Christmas  - DONE!
•  Make a T-shirt Quilt - FAIL.  We'll have to see when we can get this done.
•  Paint and redecorate the office - FAIL. 
•  Pay off the Line of Credit - DONE!
•  Pay off the Gap Card - DONE!
•  Have at least three family dinners with Dad - FAIL.  I think we got together once for dinner.
•  Replace our patio furniture - FAIL.  We decided to use that money elsewhere.
•  Find a record player cabinet - DONE!

Well, I didn't get as much done in 2014 as I had hoped.  I am blaming a big part of that on the pregnancy thing.  Our lives were turned upside-down with that!
I'll have to do better in 2015.

Monday, January 5, 2015

Andy's Birthday

Last Wednesday was Andy's birthday. 

The day started out great.  I had lots planned for him.

I started by giving him a birthday card as soon as he woke up.
Then I made him one of his favorite things for breakfast:  Waffles

Right before we left for work it was time for a present!

He then got another present to open when we arrived at his office.  (See what I'm doing here.  Spreading out the love.)

Unfortunately this is where most of the joy of the day ended.  A few hours into work we received word that Andy's Grandma Bird had passed away.  It was an awful blow to the day.  We were all in shock.

I went and picked up Andy from work at 12:30 and was planning on taking him out to lunch.  Of course he didn't feel like doing that, so we just headed home.  I made sure to give him one more present before we started driving, though.

Once we were home we ate a little lunch and then I decided to give Andy his big present for the day.

In total Andy received from me a set of tumblers, a Batman comic, the Destiny video game, and a new set of kitchen knives.

Since Andy's sister's family had traveled up from Las Vegas, and we already had all of the food, we went ahead with Andy's birthday dinner.  

We had everyone over to our house and had a yummy dinner of fajitas with spanish rice and chips with salsa and guacamole.

Then Andy was able to open a couple more gifts from the family.

We ended the night with playing games.

We played games with everyone for a while, and then people started trickling out to go to other New Year's Eve parties.  Andy and his siblings took off to visit with their dad so that he wouldn't be alone after the passing of Grandma.

That basically left Parker and I home to celebrate New Year's Eve.  We decided that we needed to do something more than watch TV, so we started up a game of Mario Kart.

Soon Andy and Katie arrived home and joined in the game with us.
That was how we brought in the New Year.

Hello 2015.