Monday, March 2, 2015

Alton Brown Live!

 This past Friday Andy and I headed up to SLC to see Alton Brown live at the Capitol Theatre.

It was The Edible Inevitable Tour and we had been waiting a long time for it to come to Utah.

Andy was so excited to go.  He loves Alton Brown!

Of course, no photography was allowed during the performance, but we were able to get a few pictures before the show started.

Yeast puppets:

So excited to be there and see Alton do his variety show!

The show was a great one.  It was really funny and we really enjoyed it.  There was singing, comedy, and cooking demonstrations.  I especially liked when he made ice cream with fire extinguishers.  (You had to be there.)

Finally here is a shot of the audience that Alton Brown took from the stage and posted on Twitter and Facebook.  We are in the center of the upper section a few rows back.

I really hope he brings the tour through Utah again!  We'll be sure to go!

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Living Planet Aquarium

Last Saturday Andy and I loaded up Lincoln and headed for the new Living Planet Aquarium in Draper.
We planned to meet Jessi and her family there and spend the morning view all the cool things.

It was Lincoln's first time being anywhere like this, and he seemed to be enthralled with all the things to look at.

Of course, there were lots of fish at the aquarium.  Some were huge!

But there were also lots of other creatures on display.  They ranged from birds, to snakes, to frogs, etc.

Here is a Touchan:

The kids had to go across this rope bridge of course.  Kids will be kids!

They also have a neat penguins display.  You can view the penguins from above and then walk down and see then swimming under the water as well.

A little jelly fish:

Andy and I spotted a Photo Booth and just had to take advantage of it.
Here is just one of our 4 shots:

 The otters were also really fun to watch.  I guess we caught them during one of their active times.  They were swimming and running all around!

Andy and Lincoln:

Some starfish and an urchin:

And you see Josh in the big bubble?

This octopus was pretty cool when he started moving around.  I was lucky to catch this shot!

We finished off our visit with a walk through the shark tunnel.  There were lots of sharks, sea turtles, and all kinds of fish swimming around us.

A shark laying on the glass above our heads:

Jessi, Claire, and Allie:

Jessi's family checking out the last bit of the shark area:

We had a GREAT time at the aquarium.  I am so glad we were able to finally make it there and check out the new building.  They have done a good job with it.  And it was really fun to hang out with the Ericksons for a little while.

Monday, February 16, 2015

Who Loves Rice Cereal?

I think our little Lincoln is getting the hang of this eating "solids" thing.

He is eating up his rice cereal and is even chasing the spoon with his mouth.  Although, he does enjoy using his hands to "help" him eat, which just leads to being messy when you are dealing with this cereal.

Of course a lot of the cereal seems to end up on his face and bib rather than in his mouth.

Valentine's Day 2015

Valentine's Day this year was very low-key for us.

We had actually gone out to eat the previous Saturday to celebrate.  We had dinner at Black Sheep in Provo.  We figured it was best to avoid the crowds at restaurants on the actual day of.  It was a great dinner and it was wonderful to spend some time together on a little date.

So for the actual day of we didn't have any major plans.  
We did get each other a little something, though.

Andy bought me these beautiful paper flowers from a past co-worker.  She does a wonderful job!  These flowers are now on my desk at work for everyone to see!

I went a little less romantic for Andy's present and got him a collection of comic books.
He seemed pretty happy with my decision.

So, for the day of Valentine's we just ran some errands, did some work around the house, and then had a delicious dinner of Zub's pizza and some Sweet Tooth Fairy goodies for dessert.

It was a great day!

Monday, February 9, 2015

5 Months Old!

Yesterday Lincoln turned 5 months old!

He is quite the cute little stinker right now.  He is rolling over frequently, smiling all the time, and trying his best to "talk" to us.

Lincoln now has two teeth and we think he may be getting some more in soon with the way he is drooling and because he just loves to chew on things.

He is still sleeping through the night, although he has taken to waking up a little bit earlier lately.
I guess he just wants to make sure he gets to spend time with us before we head off to work.

Lincoln's favorite toys right now are:
Ol' Blue the Whale
Tags the Dog
Squeaky Elephant 

We love that he is actually interacting with things now!  So fun!

Thursday, February 5, 2015

Visit with Grandpa Ferg

This past Saturday we were able to go up and visit Grandpa Ferguson for his 91st birthday.
It's amazing that he is still doing so well at that age!

It was nice to sit and visit with him for a while and hear some of his stories.

And we made sure to get a quick picture of him with Lincoln.

FanX 2015

Last weekend was Salt Lake Comic Con's FanX 2015.

Of course Andy and I just had to attend.  We love these things!
At first we were going to take Lincoln with us, but then we decided it probably wouldn't be wise to do so with all of the people.  Too much risk for him getting sick.

So Andy and I were able to spend the time there with just the two of us.

We started off on Thursday with a stroll through Artist's Alley.  We love to look at all the art work and see what's new.  We purchased a Two-Face print from a local artist and a Christmas Scrooge McDuck print from another artist.

And also took a minute too show off his drawing skills at a booth.  The lady told him to draw a pickle and this is what he came up with.  Love it!

There were lots and lots of vendor booths to peruse.  And lots of cool props to look at.

I especially liked the Jurassic Park items:

A view of the floor through an upstairs window:

We were able to attend a few panels during the event.  The first one we made it to was Anthony Michael Hall.  He seemed to be an extremely nice person.

We were also able to attend the Christopher Lloyd panel.  He seemed like an interesting fellow.  It was too bad he was having a hard time hearing the questions from the audience.
But he still had some funny moments.

And finally we were able to attend the Nichelle Nichols panel.  She starred as Uhura in Star Trek TOS.  She was a pretty funny lady to watch!

Of course there were lots of great costumes to view.  Andy wanted to get pics with a couple.

As always, we made sure to get our picture with some of the big stars that were there.

Nichelle Nichols + autograph:

Christopher Lloyd with the DeLorean:

Carrie Fisher (and her dog Gary):

We also were able to get Christopher Lloyd to autograph a print for us.  It was great to meet him and shake his hand.

All in all it was a good time.  Andy and I love to let our geekiness shine and this is a great way to do it.  We ended up only spending two days there instead of the full three, but we seemed to get almost everything in we wanted to do.

I can't wait until September for Salt Lake Comic Con!

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Lincoln's "Johnny Jumper"

This past Sunday we decided it was time for Lincoln to get a "jumper" of sorts.  He has really strong little legs and is always trying to "stand up" when you are holding him on your lap.

We hooked up the kind that hangs from a doorway.

I think he likes it!

I think one thing he really likes about it is that it gives him more mobility to look around.

He can twist himself around to look in different directions.

I'm thinking this was a great little investment.