Thursday, April 28, 2016

A Trip to the Aquarium

This past Saturday Andy and I decided to take Lincoln to the Living Planet Aquarium.  Lincoln has been there since he was only 5 months old.
We also invited Lincoln's grandpa Glenn to join us and spend some time with Linkie.

Lincoln seemed to really enjoy all the animals and fish he could see there.

I think I will just let the pictures do the talking.

Lincoln wasn't afraid at all to cross the entire rope bridge they have there.  I know it is daunting to some older kids, but not to our brave Link!

We had a really fun time at the Aquarium!  We will have to be sure to take Linkie there often.  He loves his animals and all things new.

Friday, April 1, 2016

Hunting for Easter Eggs

This past Sunday was Easter.
It was our first Easter with Lincoln actually being old enough to participate in some fun.
The Easter Bunny visited our house and left a basket full of goodies for Linkie and also hid some candy filled eggs around the living room.

Here is Linkie after waking up and coming down the hall.
He's not quite sure what's going on and why Mom is taking pictures so early.

The basket of goodies left by the Easter Bunny:

But when Lincoln realized there were "balls" lying around, he was suddenly into picking them up.

Then he discovered that they had stuff inside of them.  Luckily he didn't figure out that it was candy until later.  He just thought they were smaller balls.  Otherwise he would have eaten a ton of them!

Gotta keep looking!

Checking out what was in the basket:

Please notice the hands full of Jelly Beans....

Playing with his first Slinkie!

Our Easter morning was pretty cute and fun!  We followed it up with a yummy breakfast of cinnamon french toast and bacon.


SLCC FanX 2016

Last week was the Salt Lake Comic Con Fan Experience 2016.
Andy and I have made it a habit of going to all of the SLCC cons.

This con started out with Buzz Aldrin on Thursday.  Andy and I were both pretty excited to see the 2nd man to walk on the moon.

We started by attending his panel.  He was getting around pretty well for and 87 year old.

Right after his panel Andy and I had to hurry over for our Photo Op with Buzz.  It was awesome to be able to get a picture with this legend.

All of the Buzz Aldrin things pretty much took up our Thursday.

On Friday we were able to wander around the vendor floor a little more. 

We were also able to catch the Gillian Anderson panel.  Andy and I just LOVE the X-Files, so we had to see her panel. 

We were also able to get her autograph and a photo with her along with autographs and a photo with Mitch Pileggi and William B. Davis.  Go X-Files team!  (We were only missing David Duchovny.)

Then we were able to wander around a bit more.  Spend some money and look at the sites.

On Friday were were also able to meet LeVar Burton.  He finally came to SLCC!

We have been waiting for this man to come so we could finish our Star Trek:  TNG poster.

We also decided to get a photo with him as well.  After all Reading Rainbow was the best!

On Saturday we only went up during the morning and we took Lincoln with us.  Of course Lincoln has to get used to attending these things. 

Lincoln really liked riding around on Andy's shoulders and seeing all the sites.

He got to get up close to this big Funko Pop! Godzilla:

And Lincoln enjoyed some giant zombie time as well...

And then on the way out we introduced Lincoln to the Trolls:

Andy and I had a great time at SLCC FanX this year!  We always get excited when there are going to be celebrities there from shows we enjoy.

Now to see what they have in store for Salt Lake Comic Con in September!

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Baby Shower for Bethany

This past Saturday I hosted a Baby Shower for our neighbor Bethany Alden-Rivers.

She and her husband moved here recently from the UK and so I figured she needed someone to throw a shower for her.

She is having a girl, so I just went full-bore with the pink.
(Which is completely out of my norm.)

The theme for the party was "Sweet Baby Girl" and so there was lots of candy and desserts.

Here is the table setup:

I arranged a couple of games for us everyone to play.  A "Guess the Baby Animals" quiz, and then BINGO while Bethany opened her presents.

I also made up these cute favors for everyone to take home with them.

Here is the person of honor:

Bethany received so many nice gifts!  Here are a few pics of her opening some of them.

I think the shower was a success.  Bethany seemed to really appreciate what I had put together.  
I hope all goes well with their new little one!

Thursday, March 17, 2016

Trip to the Zoo

This past Sunday Andy and I decided to take Lincoln to the zoo.  We also invited Andy's mom Chris to join us.

First thing when you walk through the gates is this giant ball.  Lincoln just loves balls right now and had to have a go at it.

Then it was time to see the sights.  We started by headed over to see the giraffes.

Hogle Zoo has a new baby giraffe named Willow.  She was so cute!

Then we moved on to see what other animals we could find.

Lincoln wasn't quite sure what he was doing on this giant elephant.  I'm sure when he's older we won't be able to keep him off of it.

We were also able to catch the end of the elephant show.  It was kind of fun to see the elephants doing tricks.

I think Lincoln's favorite part was the polar bear.  He was swimming right next to the glass where Lincoln was standing.

But of course Lincoln LOVES to run around on his own now.  So we had to give him some time to do that.

We ended the trip with the traditional ride on the train.

I think Lincoln is warming up to the zoo.  He was quite a bit younger the first time he went and didn't really get what was going on.  I'm sure the older he get the more fun he will have there!