Tuesday, September 23, 2014

First Few Days at Home

The first few days at home were interesting.  The days and nights were full of BIG adjustments for Andy and I.

But Lincoln helped us along by being such a good baby and by being so stinking cute!

Right after arriving home:

Sleeping like the dead

Lincoln also pulls some of the funniest faces...

 Jessi came to stay with us for the weekend to help out.  We definitely appreciated it!

She helped us give Lincoln his very first bath.  A "sponge" bath of course.

It is just so amazing to see how small he is.  Just a little guy in a big crib.

Andy really enjoys spending time with him.

We also had a few visitors in those first few days.

Dad and Verona made sure to come by.  Dad had a good time with his newest grandson.

We also had a visit from Andy's Grandpa Ferguson.  He enjoyed seeing the baby too!

Lincoln has been changing throughout the week.  It's amazing how fast that happens.

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Our Hospital Stay

Our stay at the hospital with new baby Lincoln was not too bad.  Andy and I enjoyed our days together with him in the room with us.

Lincoln pretty much slept the whole time.  (How would it be?)

We also had lots of visitors come by to see us.



Mel & MamaJo:


We also had visits from Jon & Cristy and my co-worker Chandra and her kids.

It was a whole new experience for me to be in the hospital.  Plus you add having a new baby to adjust to on top of that and it made for very interesting days.

But he was just so stinkin' cute...

Finally on Wednesday it was time to head home.  I was glad that nothing was wrong with Lincoln or myself which would require us to stay longer.  I was slightly nervous about us being home on our own, but I knew it had to be better than being at the hospital.

Here we are all dressed and ready to go:

Lincoln all packed up in his carseat:

The nurse that escorted us out was even nice enough to take our picture before we drove off.

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Surprise! He's Here!

Monday morning, September 8th, was a doozy.
Andy got up to go into work early.  Traci rolled over to go back to sleep and felt something that was not quite right.  Yep.  Her water broke.

It looks like Lincoln decided to join us three weeks early!

Instead of getting ready and heading to work, Andy and I headed out the door to the hospital.

They got me admitted and settled into my room just as some contractions were beginning.  

At this point things were going okay.  The pain wasn't too bad yet. 

 Andy was in charge of the communications with the outside world.  He was put in charge of both of our cell phones and a list of people to notify.  Jessi was told to get down here since she was invited to be there with us.

Jessi made it in plenty of time.  We also arranged to have her be my own personal photographer.

Jessi got me some lovely gifts to brighten my room!

Here is the station all ready for Lincoln:

 Here is my stats board.  Of course Andy had to add his own personal touch to it:

I started the morning dilated to a 3.  The pain started getting worse by about 10:00 am, so I asked for the epidural and things were much better after that.  I was dilating at about 1 cm per hour.

By around 3:00 pm I was fully dilated and they had be start pushing.  At first it wasn't too bad, since I had the epidural.  Unfortunately that wouldn't last.  About an hour into pushing the epidural began to wear off.  I couldn't believe how painful it was getting.  And then they wanted me to push through it?  

Andy was the best support through the whole thing.  He stayed right by my side and helped me through things.

Finally after an extremely painful and exhausting two hours of pushing Lincoln arrived in the world!

They had to get him cleaned up a bit and check his breathing since he was early and he was making some interesting grunting noises.

At first Andy was in complete shock.  It reminded Jessi and I of our wedding day.  This picture captures it perfectly.

Then he settled down and things were better.

Andy was absolutely the best throughout the whole thing.  I can't believe I did that!

Me and Lincoln getting acquainted:

We just couldn't believe how alert he was right after.  I guess he really did want to join us.

First family photo!

Proud daddy!

Then it was time to transport me down to the Mom and Baby wing and take Lincoln to the nursery to clean him up.

Unfortunately the found that Lincoln's blood sugar was extremely low, and they had to give the little guy and IV so they could administer some sugar water.  His poor little hand is so sad!

He did seem to enjoy getting his hair washed, though.

And here he is getting his little footprints done:

Finally he made it back to my room.  All cleaned up and bundled tightly.

Andy spent the night with me at the hospital because he is such a great guy!  We had the nurses take Lincoln to the nursery that night, but I still didn't sleep all that well.  Between the interruptions and being amped up over what I had been through that day, sleep just wasn't going to happen.  

We were so grateful that Lincoln arrived happy and healthy.

His official stats were:

Date of Birth:  September 8, 2014
Time of Birth:  5:04 pm
Weight:  6 lbs 9 oz.
Length:  18 in.