Wednesday, June 24, 2015

A Visit With Grandpa Rigtrup

On the Saturday before Father's Day we took a little time to go and visit Lincoln's Grandpa Rigtrup.
I think it's good for Lincoln to get see his grandparents whenever he can.

After some initial weariness, Lincoln warmed right up and decided to be friendly.

We had a really good little visit and Lincoln entertained his grandpa and his grandpa entertained him.

Friday, June 19, 2015

Art City Days 2015 - Saturday

On Saturday morning we woke up and headed down to the Fireman's Breakfast.
It's a family tradition that we all really enjoy!

Then it was time to head over to the parade route.  We had to kill off an infestation of ants once again.  I think this is the 2nd or 3rd year we have had to do that.  Then we were able to settle in.

Lincoln's first parade!

Of course, the kids were all excited for the candy to be thrown.  They each had their own baggie to fill.

Lincoln is just too little this year for the candy part.  He had to just sit and watch.

Allie getting a fist-bump from the Chief of Police:

The Fam watching the parade go by:

After the parade we all went back to our house for some pizza.  Then it was just spent the afternoon hanging out and letting the kids play the Wii U.  Andy headed up to his 15 year class reunion for a while and I hung out with the family.

That night Andy and I headed up to view the fireworks show.  It is always a great one!

Andy's mom was nice enough to man the baby monitor while we went, so it was like a mini-date.

I just love Art City Days and we try to get involved in as many activities as we can.
I can't wait until next year!

Thursday, June 18, 2015

Art City Days 2015 - Friday Night

This past weekend was Art City Days in Springville. 
We kept up our family tradition of having Mom & Mel, and Jessi and the Family come down to stay and participate in the celebrations.

On Friday night we started out with a yummy dinner from La Casita (of course).

Then it was time to head down to the carnival.  The kids were just so excited!

The went on the Obstacle Course first. 

Then they had to do the Merry-Go-Round.

Then it was on to a "big" ride.  The Roller Coaster.

Even Lincoln was having a good time at the Carnival.  He loved all the stuff going on around him.

A couple of the kids also did the Super Slide.

And while they did that, Claire was daring and rode the Roller Coaster all by herself.

Then as night was falling it was time to say goodbye to all the flashing lights and carnival noises.

But of course we had to stop for some cotton candy on the way out.  These kids sure to LOVE their cotton candy.

We had a really fun night at the carnival.  I just LOVE Art City Days!

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Lincoln is 9 Months Old!

Yesterday Lincoln turned 9 months old.
He is just getting so big!

He is now sitting up by himself, crawling on hands and knees, and even pulling himself up in his crib and on furniture.  He is such a mover!

His 9 month check-up went very well.  He is a healthy boy who is trending right now as tall and skinny.  The doctor was surprised that Lincoln has so many teeth (8 that we can count).  

Lincoln loves to eat.  We are making sure to let him try all kinds of new things.  He is especially loving Cheerios right now.
His favorite toys at this time are his stacking cups, his stuffed kitty Daniel Tiger, and a little stuffed ball from Ikea.

Tubby Time

Lincoln has really started to enjoy his tub time.
I think it has something to do with his  being able to sit up so he can now play with toys.

He absolutely LOVES to chew/suck on the little orange fish.  It's hilarious to watch him play with the other toys while that hangs out of his mouth.

What a cutie!

Monday, June 8, 2015

Art City Days 5K 2015

This past Saturday was the kick-off for Art City Days!
Of course the first event is the Nestle Family Fun Run 5K and we always try to participate.

The day started out a little bit on the rainy side...

but it cleared up in no time and turned into a beautiful day!

There were lots of people participating, which always make the event more fun.

Lincoln also participated and enjoyed himself.  He slept through the whole run.  He woke up just in time for the prize drawing.

Andy and his friend Robbie waiting patiently for their numbers to be called.

Which they were!  Andy was a winner this year!  That makes 3 years in a row that we have won something.  I really like this trend!

Andy won a hat, some water toys, and some hot chocolate.

It was a great morning and we really enjoyed ourselves.

Yay for Art City Days!

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Enjoying the Outside

Sunday was a BEAUTIFUL day.  So Linkie and I headed outside to enjoy the afternoon.

Lincoln was pretty intrigued by the grass.

It was pretty cute watching him roam around a little and experience new things.

Friday, May 29, 2015

Just Another Photo Shoot

On Memorial Day, since we were home, I decided to break out the camera for a little photo shoot with Linkie.