Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Lincoln's First Haircut

Well, it was really more of a trim.

A big thanks goes to Cristy for taking on the task of trimming Lincoln's fly-away hair.  Andy and I just didn't dare to do it.  (Plus we have no experience with this kind of thing.)

The picks aren't the best, but what do you expect when you're just trying to keep the kid looking in one direction?

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Sunday in the Park

This past Sunday was the annual Sunday in the Park put on by the Springville Rotary Club.
It takes place at Rotary Park up Hobble Creek Canyon.

Andy and I have always wanted to go, but we seem to always have something going on that weekend.  But not this year, so we made sure to go.

We picked up Andy's dad on the way up the canyon.

The event turned out to be a lot bigger than we had expected.
There were so many cars!  It was great!

It was a really warm day.  Here is Lincoln trying to stay hydrated.  He was pretty hot and tired by the end.

It was an awesome car show, and we'll definitely have to go again next year!
And we'll be more prepared for how big it is.

Friday, August 14, 2015

Better Late Than Never

Over three months ago we had some family photos done by an acquaintance.
The price was right, but man, did it take forever to get some of the pictures back.

These might be a little out-of-date now since Lincoln changes so fast, but I thought I would share a few anyways.

Thursday, August 13, 2015

Lincoln LOVES tomatoes!

We have discovered lately that Lincoln just loves tomatoes.

Now, I don't mean nicely cut up bite-sized pieces of tomato.

No, I mean whole fresh out of our little garden tomatoes.

This kid is crazy about them.
Everytime he sees some tomatoes sitting on the counter he starts reaching out for them.

(I call this his Popeye look)

Of course by the time he's through it looks like he has massacred something, but whatever keeps the little guy happy!

The Book of Mormon

On Friday night Andy and I had a date night. 

We had tickets to see The Book of Mormon - The Musical and so we headed up to SLC.

Of course no photography was allowed during the show, but I was able to grab a quick pick of the set before it started.

The show was great!  It was funny and had catchy musical numbers.  I know a lot of people (especially around here) are offended by this show, but I thought it was a good one!
Very entertaining!
I would definitely go see it again.

Monday, August 10, 2015

Lincoln is 11 Months

On Saturday Lincoln turned 11 months old.
I can't believe he is almost 1!

He is so active now.  He is crawling all over the place and really close to walking.  He is "cruising" along all the furniture and trying his best to get into places where he shouldn't be.

We bought him this new little walker toy and he loves to cruise around with it.

He is also learning how to smile for the camera.  It mostly comes out as a squinty, grimacy kind of look that is hilarious!

There he goes!

Right now his favorite toy is the walking toy above.

He also LOVES his "Robot" book called "Lots of Bots".
We have to read that one every night before bed.

TestOut Lagoon Day 2015

Last Thursday was the annual TestOut Lagoon Day where TestOut treats all of their employees and their families to a free day at Lagoon.

It was Lincoln's first time to an amusement park and he seemed excited to be there!

It was a beautiful day at the park.  I had to start the day with a ride on the brand new roller coaster Cannibal.
The line was long, even first thing after the park opened, but it was worth it!

Jon's family also decided to come to Lagoon that day, so we were able to hang out with them and have other people to go on the rides with.

Here are Kennedy and I on The Rocket:

There we go!

The kids really seemed to like spending time with Lincoln.  Which was great for us when they would watch him so Andy and I could go on a couple of rides together.

Andy on the Spider:

On the White Roller Coaster:

Andy and Lincoln having a good time together:

After a while, though, Lincoln just wanted to get down and play.  So we found a spot of grass and let him do just that.

I made sure to get in one last ride on The Cannibal before we headed to dinner.

If was definitely a great day at Lagoon!  We didn't win any prizes again this year, but we had a yummy dinner provided by TestOut and lots of good drinks and ice cream throughout the day.

I love TestOut Lagoon Day!

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Happy 24th of July!

This year the 24th of July was pretty quite.
I had the day off, but Andy did not.  So, I just hung out at home with Lincoln.

I made sure to dress him in his patriotic outfit and get a few cute pictures in.

That evening we headed over to Jon's house for a BBQ with the family.  Then Andy stayed for some fireworks while I took Linkie home to bed.  It was a nice simple holiday.

Thursday, July 23, 2015

Capitol Reef: Day 2

The next morning in Captiol Reef dawned stormy and windy.
It had been EXTREMELY windy all night.  It was rocking our little trailer.  We were so surprised (and happy) that Lincoln slept through it all.

We decided to pack up for a hike and see if the weather would clear up.
Which it did by the time we got into the park.
It turned into a beautiful morning!

We decided to do the Hickman Bridge trail.  It seemed like one of the safest considering the sketchy weather.

At the trailhead:

We loaded Lincoln up in his backpack carrier and he seemed happy as can be.

A trend which continued the entire time.  He loved riding in that thing!

Still happy as can be!

 The scenery was spectacular!  And we even found a little place to hike down into.

Finally we made it to Hickman Bridge:

We decided to take a break under the bridge and have some snacks and rest in the shade.

Lincoln was happy to get out of his pack for a little bit too.

Then it was time to head back down the trail.

By the time we reached the car Lincoln had fallen asleep.  So, we decided to take a drive through the park and see some of the sites.

At one stop there were some Indian Petroglyphs.  They were up high on the wall and so cool to see.

We made sure to take the "Scenic Drive" as well.  It was beautiful!

Even though the storm clouds and rain started moving in during our drive.

Lincoln eventually woke up so we decided to stop at a little park for some lunch.  We stopped by the Gifford House again and bought some yummy desserts.  I guess they are known for their delicious pies, so of course I had to get one.  It was pretty dang good!

We decided that the storm clouds and rain were getting too menacing, and Capitol Reef is highly susceptible to flash-flooding that we would call it a day.

On our way out of the park we decided to stop at Goosenecks Point.

The view of this canyon was spectacular!

And Lincoln was still being a happy camper.

Due to the weather conditions we made the decision to cut our trip a little bit short and drove home that afternoon.  It was a nice day to drive home with the A/C anyways since it was so stormy.

We had a really great time visiting Captiol Reef National Park.  We will definitely be going back there sometime soon.