Wednesday, August 27, 2014

An Impromptu Trip to the Zoo

This past Saturday, Andy and I decided at the last minute to head to the zoo.

Hogle Zoo just opened their new section called the African Savannah this Spring and we have been wanting to go check it out.

We started the day out with a look at the exhibits that were previously there.

Andy just LOVES the orangutans, and this one was giving us a show for a minute!

And the elephants are always fun!

Big monkey:

Big teeth:

Cute sloth:

 Then it was time to head over the the African Savannah section.  It was really nice!  Some of the animals haven't really gotten used to all the open space yet, so they weren't all out and about together.



I really liked this new statue they added:

And of course we had to end our day with a ride on the train.  They made the route a little bit longer and it winds around the Savannah now.

Andy's shot of an ostrich from the train:

It was a great day at the zoo!  It was a bit crowded, but the say was really nice for being outside.
I am so glad that we have such a great zoo close by!

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

34 Weeks!

Baby Shower!

Last Saturday was the day of my big Baby Shower that Jessi was throwing for me.
Lots of people were invited to this shower and included lots of friends and family.

Jessi did an amazing job with the decorations!  She went all out with the Vintage Toy theme.

The dessert table:

Thank You gifts:

Present drop:

Just a sampling of the other table decor:

Jessi and Andy prepared a wonderful spread for the shower.  It included chicken-salad sandwiches, chips, veggies, fruit skewers, punch, cookies, rice krispie treats, cupcakes, and popcorn.

I had a great turn out for my shower.  You would think that people were excited for me to have this baby or something....

Below is just a sampling of the people who stopped by to visit.

Janet & Chris:



Aunt Coleen and Verona:

Aunt Bonnie:

Cacci and Derrick:


Aunt Coleen:


MamaJo and us sisters:

Me and my wonderful party-planner Jessi:

After a while it was decided that I needed to open my gifts.  A few people had trickled out by then, but everyone who was sticking around wanted to see what I got.

Whew!  Done with presents!

I received so much good stuff!  A big THANK YOU goes out to all for the wonderful gifts!  I was really blown away by it all.

Then everyone just decided to stick around for a while and visit.  It was so nice and relaxed.  I loved it!

Finally the event was over.  Here I am all worn out with my balloons.

It really was a terrific shower!  I had a blast seeing so many of my friends and family that I haven't seen for a while.  Some people I hadn't seen for years.  It's amazing how us having a baby is bringing people together.

Now if I can just mentally prepare for this kids to arrive....

Thursday, August 14, 2014

33 Weeks

Bird Family Baby Shower

Last Saturday Lora Bird threw me a baby shower for the Bird side of the family.  It took place in Lora's mom's backyard, which was very pleasant.

It was a small event but very nice.

Once everyone had arrived we started things out with filling our a questionnaire of sorts.  Mine was different than all the others.

My card:

Everyone busily writing down their answers.

After all the questions had been answered the group went around the circle and read the answers aloud.  They were full of good advice and some funnies.

Then we moved on to opening presents.  (Gotta love that!)

I received some great items!  And not one thing that I will need to return.  That is always a bonus.  

After presents we had some yummy food and then sat around chatting for a bit.  I really enjoyed the low-key style of this shower.

Thanks to everyone who came!

TestOut Lagoon Day 2014

Last Thursday was the annual TestOut Lagoon Day!
And Andy was able to go this year!

It was a beautiful day to be at the park.  The sun was shining and the temperature wasn't too overly hot.

Also, Cristy just started a job with my company,so Jon and the family were able to go and be with us.

Because of my "condition" I was unable to ride most of the rides, but that meant I could get some pictures of everyone else riding.

Here they go on The Bat:

And here are a few of them on The Rocket - Re-Entry:

 I did jump on the rides that I could.  Here are Andy and I on the Sky Ride cruising over the park:

A bunch of them on The Tidal Wave:

Some of them on Turn of the Century:

We also took some time to get us an old-timey picture done.  I think it turned out quite well.

Andy and Bailey on The Log Flume:

Look!  Me on another ride!  The Sky Scraper:

Andy also took a few minutes to play one of the many games.  He chose this one just so he could win a "Squid Hat".  He had been wanting one all day.

And of course he won it!
Here he is proudly sporting his "Squid Hat" (please ignore the photo-bombers):

Also, some of the kids and Jon were brave enough to do The Sky Coaster:

Finally it was time for dinner and the drawings for the prizes.  
They had an incredible prize this year of 2 brand new Vespa Scooters!

Andy and I tried to win those, but we did not.  Nor did we win anything else.  Bummer.

But Kennedy did win a Go-Pro in the kids drawing!

After the drawings it was time to hit a few more rides before we headed home.  Since I was able to, we went on the Terror Ride and Dracula's Castle.

Also, Ethan and his cousin decided they were going to be brave and try The Catapult.  It was crazy!

But a good way to end the day.